Saturday, June 24, 2017

Quilt Shop Visit - Keepsake Quilting

Y'all, there are lots of good men out there. There are kind, funny, handsome, smart men in the world and I know you hang out with some of them. But me? I've got the best one!

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Can I just tell you about it? He planned this beautiful, amazing trip to Boston and Cape Cod for our 25th anniversary. He found two quilt shops on the Cape to visit while we were there. And then, when the rain made our plans for the last day in Boston a little less appealing he said, "You know, New Hampshire is only another two hours from here. I've never been to New Hampshire." 

keepsake quilting new hampshire quilt shop fabric

Then he proceeded to drive me to Keepsake Quilting. Sign me up for another 25 years!

keepsake quilting new hampshire quilt shop fabric

When you walk in and see this place that you've only imagined from the pictures, it's completely overwhelming. There is so much fabric! But not in a bargain bin, sort-through-the-old-stuff-to-find-a-rare-gem kind of way. No, it's like a very nice quilt shop only WAY BIGGER. 

keepsake quilting new hampshire quilt shop fabric batik
This is just one shelf in the batiks room.
I couldn't get a decent picture to show all of them.
The rooms keep going and going, with fabrics mostly sorted by color but with some special groupings. There is a whole room of batiks and several walls of their famous kits. 

keepsake quilting new hampshire quilt shop fabric kit

At one point I was just wandering and couldn't even decide where to start. The Pit Boss said, "I didn't drive all this way for you to not buy anything, so get busy." See what I mean?

keepsake quilting new hampshire quilt shop fabric sale clearance bargain

And then there's a sale room! Which literally had more fabric than some small quilt shops I've been in. 

I do want to squash one little rumor I heard. Someone told me that Keepsake Quilting was going to close their store and go to online sales only. I asked the woman who helped me and she said this rumor goes around every so often, but the store is a destination and there are no plans to close it. Judging from what I saw, it really is just a rumor.

keepsake quilting new hampshire quilt shop fabric sunday stash

I did finally pick out a few things (left to right):

One more thing: if any of you live in New Hampshire and can answer this for TPB, please do. He's dying of curiosity. How does New Hampshire have no sales tax and no state income tax? How do they pay for anything? Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. Looks like you had a great anniversary trip! Thanks for showing us Keepsake Quilting. I will put it on my bucket list :)

  2. Property taxes are used and the food and hotel taxes pay for things. Restaurant food and lodging have a 9% tax. The travel industry is real big here with lots of touristy things to do. Love living in this state. Glad you had a nice visit here.

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary! The blue check fabric looks to be a homespun so that explains why there wasn't any information on the selvedge.
    I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Keepsake Quilting and, I hope to New Hampshire.

  4. I live in NH. Property Taxes are hefty as well as meals taxes when you go out.


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