Saturday, June 10, 2017

What's On? In Case You're Not Having Enough Trouble Sleeping

This week, what's on is about things that keep me up at night. Not that I need help thanks to being 47 years old and always hot. Except when I'm freezing.

What I'm Reading:

I've got a book for work partially finished that is taking a little more time. It requires more thought and is not the kind of book you can read while brushing your teeth or waiting for the dogs to pee. It's called Lights Out by Ted Koppel. Ted spoke at a conference I attended in September. It was one of the most fascinating, terrifying things I've ever heard. 

What I'm Watching:

The Handmaid's Tale, a Hulu Original, is so creepy I can barely stand it. I can't decide which horror perpetrated on these women is the worst, but I also can't look away. The issue of fertility is so close to home, and the misogyny portrayed feels very plausible at the moment. Are any of you watching this?

What I'm Listening To: 

Breakdown: Predator MD by the Atlanta Journal and Constitution is about a doctor in my town who has been dodging prosecution in multiple states and countries for years, and once again has gotten away with sexually abusing patients and staff. While interesting, this podcast is not for anyone with high blood pressure. The gross incompetence of various medical boards, district attorneys, judges, and other law enforcement officials is beyond infuriating.

I have to take breaks from this one and fill the gaps with quilty goodness to keep from throwing something. 

Why, you ask, do I indulge in things that make me crazy? I don't really have a good answer for that, except to say that I have this incredible need to know things. You know the saying about asking someone what time it is and they tell you how to build a watch? I like that person. I like knowing why the watch works. So even the things that I know are going to bother me - I still want to know.

What's on at your place? Anything good?

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