Thursday, August 1, 2013

Meet Mabel

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Although I have watched with interest and admired from afar the vintage sewing machines that some of you collect, I have never had a particular longing or need for one of these antiques. No, I'm a gadget girl, and I love technology.

I do, however, have an appreciation for old things that belonged to people I know (or knew). I don't collect antiques just to have them, but treasure the pieces that my grandparents and great-grandparents touched and used and cherished.

Example: my brother and I used to fight regularly over the "pretty plate", a single dinner sized plate of my grandmother's china that my mother inexplicably owned. The plate is long gone, broken I assume, but I totally win because I now own TWO of the salad sized plates. And once again I'm reliving my childhood by being one plate short of treating all my children equally. Luckily they don't seem to care on this issue.

But the point is, I've never been particularly jealous that my aunt has my grandmother's Singer sewing machine; I'm just glad it has a good home.  I'll take it if no one else feels the need, but I don't have to have it in my possession.

Being married to an only child has it's perks. There is no squabbling (or even passive aggressive martyrdom) when it comes to family heirlooms.  Basically they're all ours, whether we want them or not.  Many of the pieces that belonged to my husband's maternal grandmother, Mabel, are treasured pieces in our home, things I use and love - a table by the front door, a small sofa, some etched wineglasses.  Her sewing machine, though, has been in my mother-in-law's home for years - ostensibly mine as the only sewer in the family, but never in my possession.  Until now.

Sunday my mother-in-law asked the boys to come do some heavy lifting for her, and afterwards had them load up the machine and the cabinet in the car.  I had never before even seen this machine lifted out of it's cabinet, so had no idea what I was getting.

Imagine my delight when I found a Singer 201, circa 1941, and all the feet, instructions, bobbins, and other accoutrements a girl could wish for.

The only thing missing is the plug.

Obviously I will need to get her checked out.  I'm not sure she's seen daylight in a decade, and heaven only knows how long it's been since she actually got to sew anything.  Poor girl!

The Pit Boss expressed his doubts about whether or not she would sew again, and barely believed me when I told him what a workhorse this model is known to be.

Even better, if I use her primarily for piecing, then I will be more likely to leave Rene set up for FMQing...and hopefully do more of both!

Welcome to the family, Mabel! It's nice to have an old fashioned girl like you around.

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  1. She is a true beauty! I just got a vintage machine myself, and I can only imagine I will be collecting many more of them in my life. I truly and honestly love these old girls.


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