Monday, February 11, 2013

The State of My Stash

As expected, Bonnie's visit to our guild last week got me all inspired to cut up my scraps and put them away neatly instead of piling them in baskets.

I have the whole system in place - drawers for the various size strips and bricks and squares, "cheat sheet" on my cutting table, a basket for strings and a basket for those little bits best saved for paper piecing. (I should just dump that whole basket into a dog bed because I HATE paper piecing and I HATE using itty bitty irregular pieces for it even more.)

I have a drawer for orphan blocks and a million ideas for leader-ender quilts.

But I don't do it.  I'm lazy.  When I finally get done with a quilt, the last thing I want to do is tidy up the scraps.  Once I've skipped it thirty-four three or four times, the pile is so overwhelming that I can't imagine it ever being neat.

Then Bonnie came and re-inspired me.  Also, this whole 5th blogoversary/5 giveaways thing.  So I spent a good part of this weekend cutting and stacking and counting.  I've got a fat quarter bundle, a stack of charm squares and a whole bunch of flannel and denim.  I have strings and selvages and embellishments, and I'm trying to figure out which ones would make a good prize. 

Best of all, I've found a certain serenity in the pressing and cutting while I listen to a podcast or watch a West Wing on Amazon Prime.  Though there doesn't appear to be an end in sight, I know that every 15 minute chunk of time brings me closer to my dream sewing space - the one that is organized and clean and ready for me to make my next quilt.

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