Saturday, February 16, 2013

Podcast Review - Quilt Cabana Corner

I had a trend going there for awhile when the boys were playing football. I would review a couple of quilty podcasts every fall when my driving started to ramp back up with practice schedules. Since both boys have now left the gridiron - The Bear ran cross country, and Deuce was the drum line leader - I put a lot fewer miles on the car this fall.

Never fear, though, because Grace has hit middle school and that means lacrosse practice is no longer just once a week.  Also, I've started listening to podcasts more often, especially when I'm sewing or ironing, so I've added some new subscriptions.

I still have my favorites, like Hip to Be a Square, The Off Kilter Quilt, and Quilting for the Rest of Us.   I miss listening to Allison and Brye and Jennifer.  Luckily there are some newcomers (and some that are new to me) to fill in the gap.

The podcast I've been enjoying catching up with recently is Sandi Colwell from Quilt Cabana Corner.  Sandi is the author of Little Quilts for Big Occasions and the designer of several applique patterns. 

Sandi reviews products and a recent quilt magazine or two, in addition to her podcast research questions.  During each episode Sandi poses a question to her listeners and asks them to weigh in for the next episode.  These questions generate some interesting answers, which often lead to new questions.  I love hearing the responses and the names, which become familiar. 

Give Sandi a listen and let me know what you think.  Do you like podcasts that have a structured format, or do you prefer a more rambling free form episode?

What podcasts am I missing?  Which are your favorites?

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