Thursday, February 21, 2013

Design Date

Today was the Wanna Bees' firm date for sort of making a semi-permanent decision about our next project.

After an hour of discussion, we were no closer to a consensus than when we started, so we all put our favorite idea in a hat and drew one.  Which, naturally, meant that some of us were more excited than others.  

Still, we forged ahead with our plan to visit Intown Quilters together to pick the unifying fabric.  If we thought picking a theme was hard, you should have seen us pulling bolts of fabric off the wall!

We had a stowaway who came home "sick" from school and had to tag along.  She shall remain nameless to protect the not-so-innocent.  I wanted to hide under the table with her during part of the discussion.

The good news is that I was able to pick up the thread and Kona Snow I needed for Greer's sister's quilt that you all helped me design. 

Also, spotted in the wild...

Anna Maria Horner's patterns and thread.  So yummy that they make me want to do more embroidery!  But I resisted.  Maybe over Spring Break when I'm looking for handwork to take in the car. 


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