Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Going to Guild - Bonnie Hunter!

I've been so excited to have Bonnie Hunter back to our guild! Her program back in March of 2008 was the inspiration for starting my blog, and I am still a huge fan.

Bonnie with the famous Fabric Food Chain quilt
Although I've seen Bonnie's program a few times now, I've never been able to take a workshop.  For this trip I had to choose between Scrappy Mountain Majesties on Saturday or String Spiderweb on Sunday.   Since Saturdays with kids is the ultimate chaos, and since I've never string pieced before, I chose the spiderweb class.

We had such a great time!  There a woman all the way from Oregon and another from Mississippi who I "recognized" from the Yahoo Stashbusters list.  We had a few visitors from another guild, and several brand new guild members who found us through Bonnie's schedule. 

I brought a whole basket of scraps in desperate need of pressing and cutting.  I also brought my paper foundations and the center of my blocks already cut and glued.  I was going to be the teacher's pet.  Until I wasn't.  Unfortunately I didn't draft my template exactly right, so my points are not going to be sharp.  I had to choose between retracing and cutting all of them or living with dull points.  Can you guess what I did? 

Yeah, so my points won't be sharp.  I think it will give it a more authentic antique look.  Like someone traced around a pattern from the newspaper.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Here are the first of my finished blades.  I love the fabric in the center and hope it will add interest and movement to the finished quilt.  For now I think I'll be using this as a leader-ender project while I work on a few must finish projects coming up.

Bonnie showing off her latest mystery quilt, Easy Street
 Last night Bonnie came to the meeting and did her program.  Even though I've seen this three times, it is never quite the same.  There are stories that pop up along the way and things she points out on the different quilts that always intrigue and interest me.  Like re-reading a complex novel or admiring a work of art, I take something new and different away each time.

What a fantastic way to kick off February and chase away those winter blues!  I'm so thankful to our guild program committee who had the foresight to book Bonnie when they had the chance - and happy to hear they've already booked her to come back in 2017!  I can't wait to see what she's up to by then.

Bonnie's iPhone-o-Gram post with pictures from our class. 


  1. I can't wait to see the finished quilt. How large are your squares?

    1. In theory they finish at 10 3/4". But you know...I'm a galloping horse kind of girl. ;o)

  2. Hi Jenny! I just hopped over from ETST and am so jealous of your talent. I'd really give anything to learn how to sew properly and make beautiful quilts, but I just don't have the time. :( Anyway, love some of the pictures you have on here of past quilts!

    1. Oh, Sarah, it is just not your season yet! I just started learning when my oldest was a toddler...many, many years ago! I have quilted off and on since then, but obviously have more time now that they are older and more independent. My "baby" will be 13 in June and my first baby will go off to college not long after.

      Enjoy each season as it comes. They are gone in an instant and you never get them back. Your little guy is gorgeous and, I'm sure, fills your days with joy.


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