Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Washington Farms

Part two of our fabulous day in Watkinsville includes our trip to Washington Farms.  I am a facebook friend of theirs, so I get updates during the year when the strawberries and blueberries are ripe. 

When you arrive, everyone loads up for a hayride around the pumpkin patch to the other activities.  Heads up - they only take cash or personal checks, but there is an ATM.  $12 for adults gets you everything you see here, plus the pig races (we missed it by half an hour), several fun playground/trike track areas, and more.

 There's a corn box...like a sand box but with dried corn kernels.  What a strange yet appealing sensation!  (Can you believe how big Piper is getting?)

They rode the cow train...

 Grownups can ride too!

Where do the baby goats in the petting zoo sleep?  
At the Goatel 6, of course!

 There were two sets of baby goat twins in the petting zoo area...

Gracie let them suckle on her finger...
But Piper did NOT like it!

She's such a good big cousin.  
They can't wait til she's old enough to babysit.

Everyone had a blast on the jumping pillow.

And my girl caught some big air!

Last, we got lost in the corn maze.  What a perfect day!

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