Sunday, October 24, 2010

Holiday Grand Plan Week 9 - Pantry/Closets Week

How did week 8 go?  While I didn't achieve my dream of cleaning out every cabinet and drawer, I did  do a major deep clean of my fridge.  WOW was there some old yucky stuff in there!  Now it looks so clean and roomy for my holiday cooking!

While I was dumping stuff out, I saved the jars for this week's holiday treat to share.  I also managed to get some ground beef browned in onion and taco seasoning in the freezer for a super quick and easy dinner that I'll share.

And I finally got my first three gifts purchased!  Have any of you been to a Dove Chocolate Party?  It seems to be the latest in the MLM home party businesses, and I went out of friendship loyalty (like usual) last week.  YUM!  Way more fun than candles or kitchenware, although I love those too!  We got to sample all kinds of chocolate-y goodness and laughed a lot.

OT Alert!:  I am a big fan of doing as much shopping as I can at these types of businesses for several reasons.  One year I even invited over all of my favorite reps and had a fall gathering for my friends.
  1. Due to the shipping/ordering process, it forces you to get the shopping done early.
  2. It's way more fun to flip through a catalog with friends than to frantically push through the malls in December.
  3. You are supporting small business, usually owned/run by women employing women.
  4. You are less likely to buy the same old thing that everyone has seen.
  5. The quality tends to be higher.  Although the prices are also sometimes higher, you can check out the deals and know you are giving a really nice gift.

So anyway, at the Dove party, I got a gift for my dad, SIL, and friend.  Two are birthdays, but November and December birthdays get folded into this whole crazy plan!

Welcome to Week 9!

This week we are going to continue to work on a freezer meal, a holiday treat, and our gift shopping.  Work an hour a day on your handmade gifts.

The deep clean job this week is the pantry and extra closets.  This is one that is long overdue in my house.

Although we're not sending cards, this is also the week to start addressing them and getting that family picture done.  You can order your turkey for Thanksgiving, and send invitations for Thanksgiving (if you do that kind of thing - somehow over 40 people always manage to show up at Mom's even without them).

When ground beef is on sale, stock up!  The recipe at this link calls for 1 1/2 lbs ground chuck, and the first step is to brown it with some diced onions.  Then you stir in the taco seasoning.  At this stage, the meat can be frozen in batches and used later for this recipe or your favorite tacos, burritos, taco salad, etc.  You can also easily substitute ground turkey or shredded chicken.

I made this on Friday for tailgating at the last home football game.  I needed something quick and easy because I had a sub job Friday and a hair appointment at 3:30.  Getting the car loaded and food prepped in the remaining time needed to be simple!

I used both recipes at the link (the corn salsa is yummy!) and also made my world famous guacamole.  Okay, maybe only famous with our family and friends, but still good.  The recipe took no time at all, was easy to eat (some ate it with a fork from bowls, some wrapped it in a tortilla), and reheated beautifully the next day for some college football viewing pleasure.

Holiday Treat of the Week - Mom's "Homemade" Hot Cocoa Mix
Remember those jars you saved when you cleaned out the fridge?  Let the kids decorate the outside of the lids and stir up some hot cocoa mix.  Mix up in the biggest bowl you have and get the popcorn ready for movie night. 
  1. 2 lb box (actually 40 oz) Nesquick
  2. 1 lb powdered sugar
  3. 11 oz jar CoffeeMate
  4. 8 qts powdered milk
Stir together.  To make cocoa, add 2 heaping Tbsps to a cup of hot (not boiling) water.  Top with marshmallows and stir with a peppermint stick to be fancy.

If you didn't save any jars, it's also quite cute to put the mix in a disposable icing piping bag, top with mini marshmallows, and tie with a pretty ribbon.
Lovely to share or keep!   Enjoy!

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  1. The piping bag is a great idea for the gift bag. I'll use that one! Thanks! Youn are really well's scary but a good month for that I guess.


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