Friday, October 8, 2010


I don't knit.

Or, at least, I didn't used to.

But then a trend started at quilt guild. A trend of people bringing knitting projects to work on during the business-y part of the meeting. Just a few at first, and now I'd say about a fourth to a third have needles clicking every month.

The socks are not tempting at all to me. That just looks complicated. But the idea of it was appealing. I don't do much handwork, and what I do is often too large to manage in the confined space of my chair in my row at the meeting.

So Kate's blog post about this super easy knitting pattern with only one stitch to learn and hardly any pattern to remember caused me to go "Hmmm..."

I tried it at first with pretty, fuzzy yarn.  That was a disaster.  It's awfully hard to see how many stitches there are and the needle keeps poking through the strand.

Finally I decided to try it with cheap, plain old yarn.  Yarn that was left over from when my oldest had to make a Heritage Doll and we used the yarn for hair.  Yarn that has no beautiful hue or variegation, but is just plain old brown.

It works!  I can see my stitches and count them and the needle doesn't poke through.  It's not beautiful, but Kate is right about it being both amusing and addictive.

Here's what I have so far:

Maybe some day I'll be able to do it in yarn that a person might want to add to their wardrobe instead of doll-hair brown.  Maybe this will be the only pattern I'll ever knit and I'll have a collection of these in every color.  Or maybe I'll give it up and go back to my quilts.

How many of you knit or do other types of crafty/arty/hobby (?) stuff besides quilting?


  1. I'm a quilter because I'm a failed knitter. I come from a family of knitters but I could never really get it. I don’t have the patience. Good job so far!

  2. See! It does magically twist! I think the brown will go with everything, usually the neutrals are what gets worn the most.


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