Wednesday, May 10, 2017

WiP Wednesday - Bee-hind!

It's WiP Wednesday and I'm a little behind on my #Twilters bee blocks. I hadn't made April's blocks, and now May's are posted!

bow tie quilt block scrap leader ender swap twilters

Don't you love these cute bow tie blocks that Kelly requested? They are so quick and easy to make. I started with two, but they make perfect leader/ender blocks, so I'll make a few more while I finish the May block.

Would you like to make some? Here's the tutorial by the fabulous Jenny Doan.

Next I needed to make the Pins and Paws block that Sharon chose. Once again, Jenny Doan gave us this adorable free pattern. 

pins and paws quilt block scrap swap twilters

Honestly, isn't she just the best? So generous with her ideas, talent, and smile!

What are you working on?

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