Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Stash - Working My Way Back

It's time for Sunday Stash, and I made some decent progress this week. I'm still not into the black, but positive numbers are in sight. 

I finished the Sweet Hearts quilt, aka the crazy dreams quilt, aka the quilt I made for nobody before I bothered to make one for my husband quilt. Yeah, I'm getting some flak about that one. Before you sympathize with him too much, please bear in mind that I made this quilt for him...and before that, this one.

The Pit Boss had to go out of town for a few days this week and Grace was home sick, so I took advantage of the quiet evenings to bind this quilt and binge on The West Wing. Are you listening to The West Wing Weekly podcast? It's a must for fans and the interviews are fantastic! 

Fabric Used this Week: 2.5 yards
Fabric Used year to Date: 5 yards
Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 9.5 yards
Net Fabric for 2017: -4.5 yards used

It's unlikely that I'll get to positive numbers this week since I'm headed to QuiltCon on Thursday, but that's okay. I can't wait to see some of you there! 

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