Thursday, August 21, 2014

#TBT - Throwback Thursday - It's Been a Slice of Heaven, Y'all

Quiltin Jenny

It's Throwback Thursday here at Quiltin' Jenny, and I hope you'll link up and share your own creative adventures from your pre-blogging days.

I love working with photos in quilts.  I love the combination of this old art with new technology, the memories in pictures and fabrics, and the gentle way it says, "I love you."

I made my very first quilt using photo transfer fifteen years ago for my father-in-law's sixtieth birthday.  The book Creating Scrapbook Quilts by Ami Simms grabbed hold of me at the quilt shop, and has never let me go.  It is still my inspiration and my first resource.

I took Ami's advice and put everything I could find on this quilt. There are patches and pins, as well as his fraternity lavalier and the promise ring he gave my mother-in-law. This is one of those times when pack rat tendencies come in handy - my MiL had an old army shirt, his letter jacket from high school, and enough other random stuff to make me worry about the weight of it all. We even drove down to Georgia Tech to buy a musical bear, which we disemboweled for the button that plays "Ramblin' Wreck" when you press it.

One of my favorite parts of this quilt is the wide muslin border where party guests were able to write messages, well wishes, and congratulations. Longer lasting and more precious than any old birthday card, right?

The name of the quilt comes from an old family joke about the time some dinner guests overstayed their welcome. My FiL finally got up from his chair and said, "It's been a slice of heaven, y'all, but I'm going to bed." And he did.

Happy 75th birthday, Big D! We love you!

Now I want to see your blast from the past.  Link up and let us all see!

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