Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WiP Wednesday - Mostly Just Musing

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.

Today I actually have some work in progress, but mostly some things I'm thinking about as I sit here in the early morning hours listening to the tickety tack of the ice hitting the house and streets. If the forecasters are right, it's going to be a terrible mess, and we are being warned about what to do if the power goes out. They're tossing around words like "catastrophic", "historic" and even "biblical."

Luckily I made it safely home yesterday without needing the hiking boots or extra blanket I packed in my car after last time (I still haven't told you that story, have I?). The IT department has us all set up to work remotely. I don't get the day off, but I do get to work in my pajamas in front of the fire with a dog or two laying on my feet. Not bad as long as the heat stays on.

I'm sewing a little and letting my mind process some projects that are on the table.

First, I finally got Lene's block for the WannaBees Round Robin project. I can show you since it is still in its original state - future rounds will have to stay a secret until we all get our original centers back.

Lene put a stack of gorgeous batiks in her bag to go with the block, and I'm pondering the best way to move forward. Should I have a thin framing border before moving on? Should I continue the applique or the triangles? I'll admit I'm slightly anxious to do the "right" thing and I'm open to suggestions.

I've also been puttering away on my Spider Web wedges. I've got thirty (of eighty!) blades made. This is one I genuinely hope to finish in time for the guild show in September, so I need to get moving. I'll spare you another picture that looks just like all the others.
Last, the guild challenge for the year is on my mind. It's a monogram challenge - you take inspiration from your initials. One initial is for a color, one is for a technique or tool, and one is for a block.  They don't have to be in any particular order, and I've got two for sure. I'm kind of stuck on the technique or tool part, and I need a G. The only suggestion on the brainstorm list was "Geometric" which feels like cheating to me. Any ideas?

While all of this was percolating in my brain, I decided to do something that required more straightforward sewing and less mental hurdle. I cut the pieces for several pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer, and got this one finished. I love the colors and the dancing dragonflies.

What's in progress at your place?


  1. I like Heather's geese comment above mine:) This may be a stretch---glue for a tool??

  2. Love your block. Too mang things in process at my house, not enough time, but isn't that true of all of us?


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