Monday, February 17, 2014

Menu Plan Monday - Digging Out

It's Menu Plan Monday and I'm oh so ready to get back to normal. Last Tuesday, AGAIN, a winter storm was forecast to come in midday. Personally, I prefer my storms to sweep in overnight, surprising us in the early morning with a winter wonderland and unexpected day off. I do NOT like this meandering in during the work/school day leaving us wondering at what point it would be most prudent to head home.

After the utter disaster two weeks ago, though, no one was taking any chances. Thank God. School was cancelled Tuesday in anticipation and, of course, it only rained until late evening. My boss sent me home early to get the remote switchboard set up so that the other receptionist could also leave. The building was closed Wednesday and Thursday, although I was answering the phone from my kitchen so it wasn't exactly a break. By Friday I was really ready to go back, and the kids have actually admitted that they miss school.

My FitBit had a weird week with hardly any steps due to the crazy snowbound/working from home/chained to the desk mess - that is, until Thursday when I couldn't stand it for another minute and got on the elliptical for an hour while I watched the most recent Downton Abbey(I won't give away any spoilers, but I will say that, just as I was about to forgive Julian Fellowes for last season, I would like now to wring his neck. I understand about actors and contracts, but this season's plot point was just plain mean.)

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