Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Grand Plan - Week 16 - Steady Now!

Holiday Grand Plan

It's Week 16 of the Holiday Grand Plan. If all has gone well, we are to the fun part. This is the week where we eat a few of those meals from the freezer, visit with friends and family, and keep home maintenance to a minimum.

If a few things have slipped through the cracks, hopefully the rest of your preparation has helped keep it from feeling like a crisis.

As for me, the part I'm still working on is my shopping.  But guess what!  I'm pretty calm about the rest of it, so I can enjoy some "last minute" shopping.  It also helps to keep things in perspective; the year I was pregnant with Deuce, I had been on bedrest for a month and had done NONE of my shopping or wrapping on my due date/Christmas Eve when I was finally allowed to get out.   That year triggered a complete meltdown in the middle of Perimeter Mall which led me, eventually, to The Plan.  Just another thing to apologize to my mom for.

So I'll shop a little this week and maybe meet TPB for lunch or an after work date to get the kids taken care of. 

One thing I'm still pondering - what do you do about co-workers' gifts?  Do you give them?  Is there an organized exchange?  The two young women I work most closely with are so young and so broke that I hate to give anything that feels like an obligation.  But I do adore them both and would like to give them a little token of my appreciation for their companionship, hard work, and a lot of laughs over the last six weeks.

They are both dieting, so I can't give them baked goods.  Except...hmmm...maybe some of Gina's Skinny Cranberry Bliss Bars.  What do you think?

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