Thursday, June 27, 2013

Work Hard, Play Hard

I got a comment from Jaye this week that basically said, "Where the heck have you been?" and I realized that we have been partying for a month.

In between my temp job, volunteering at the used book sale, and my guild program, The Pit Boss and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary with a trip to Pearl River Resort. It was a relaxing, decadent long weekend that didn't do anything for our weight loss efforts, although I certainly caught up on my sleep! 

We came home just in time to prepare for Gracie's Lucky 13th birthday party.  It was just a handful of her girl friends over to swim, but we had fun collecting "lucky" things for the decorations - pennies, ducks, bamboo, horseshoes, and a giant bowl of Lucky Charms to snack on.  Grace and mom made a homemade ice cream cake because my girl is not a fan of cake.  (I know, right!)  Right in the middle of it all we got a call that my cousin's baby boy had finally arrived and shared Gracie's special day, which she had been hoping for all along.

It was a week of milestones.  We went shopping for her first bikini bathing suit (which she can only wear at her grandparents' house right now) and a cell phone and she got some very sweet gifts from her brothers and grandparents. 

Now I'm trying to get ready for the annual onslaught of family members for July 4th week, plus make sure we have everything we need for the following week when we drop Grace at camp, head to college orientation, get The Bear to the bus for lacrosse camp, and then pick up our girl on my birthday.  I think I have "collapse" penciled in right after that. 

The easy 20 hours a week of work that seemed like such a breeze in May is now becoming quite challenging to cram in, but it's all the very best and most fun kind of busy.  Yes, the Family Ties quilt is languishing and I've not touched my quilts in a month except for a few hexagons on our road trip to Mississippi, but it will all be there when I land.  I feel certain that in late July and August, when I'm preparing myself to take my boy to college, there will be many hours of quilting and not a few tears. 

Until then, I'm working hard and playing hard, enjoying these last few weeks of the five of us sitting down to dinner and the sound of the drums and guitar together in the basement. 

I'll try to post but don't miss me too much.  Go play!

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