Saturday, September 8, 2012

Goodbye SeamedUP - Hello ThreadBias!

So I guess you heard.

Yes, we are so sorry to say that SeamedUP is no more.  It has been such an interesting ride, an incredible learning experience, and a tremendous opportunity to get more involved with the quilting community; in the end, we just couldn't sustain the amount of time and resources the site required.

One of the best things about being invited onto this team was getting to work with Brye and Allison and the volunteers.

The worst part was not having time to actually use this site that I loved.

Hopefully I will be able to keep the conversation alive with all of the quilters in this phenomenal community through more consistent blogging.

And, hopefully, I will now have more time to quilt and chat. 

On that note, I'm heading over to ThreadBias to set up my sewing room.  It looks like fun place to gather with a lot of the same features as SeamedUP.  I will be QuiltinJenny over there as well, so why don't you come too and we'll follow each other?

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us at SeamedUP.  We loved seeing every one of your projects and each glimpse into your sewing room.  

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  1. Sad day. I am so sorry this didn't work. I look forward to seeing your comments on my blog ;-) and more podcasts from Allison and Brye.


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