Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ba Bling Ba Bling - Video Tutorial

I was adding the crystals to my WannaBees challenge block and decided to play around with the video settings on my camera.

If you want to see how I added the gems, you can watch this ONLY if you promise to forgive me for the quality of the video. Obviously the next class I need to take is a photography/video class. Also, I couldn't find my tripod even though I just saw it the other day while I was looking for something totally different. Silly me thought I would remember where that "safe place" was. HA!

I got my cordless Tulip tool and the gems at JoAnn's.

Questions?  Suggestions for an inexpensive online photography class?  Let me know!


  1. That was. Great! I had never heard of this tool and you demonstrated it perfectly.
    Love the bedroom block by the way.

  2. Good job, Jenny! I just bought some crystals at the AQS show and was planning to check out some video tutorials. You are my first on this topic.


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