Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Fair

Gen X Quilters Summer Fair

I love the idea of a Summer Fair online for those of us who don't have a county fair to attend.  I hopped on with GenX Quilters, where you can click to see lots more quilts and also some recipes.

I didn't have an original recipe to share, but I will tell you that I've been cooking a lot from Gina's blog, Skinnytaste, and have not had a bad meal yet!  Check her out.

The quilt I'm sharing was made so many years ago, I don't even think I can remember a date.  I have always loved log cabin quilts and the combination of blue, yellow, and white.  I was inspired to make it by the blue and white lighthouse fabric on the back, and determined to make it a sunny, beachy looking quilt.

At the same time, I was working through some of my anxiety about getting pregnant again after several miscarriages, as well as my grief over a friend's loss of a newborn after several early pregnancy losses.  While I was piecing the top to this, I also wrote this poem:

A Subsequent Pregnancy is Like a Week at the Beach...

My love and desire for you are blinding like the flash of the sun off sea and sand
So overwhelming 
That to bask in the warmth of its glow is to risk being burned

Off I go
Full of hope and fantasies
Imagining a perfect experience - just like the ones in books!

Every moment of joy has a mirror image
When I feel I am accomplishing nothing
That this journey will change nothing

Time is warped and strange
One moment I look up to find the trip is half way over
Later I realize that what feels like hours has been mere minutes

I catch myself both dreading and anticipating the ending
"What if" -ing myself to death
Wondering and dreaming

And when the end finally comes
I am exhausted but fulfilled
Flooded with memories

Even thinking about how the next time will be better
While simultaneously vowing
Never to go again

I stagger home
Grateful to be in my own bed

And then, of course, sometimes, it rains.

Jennifer Gillen Greer
In loving memory of Jacob Evan, 3/30/1998, 
who taught me how to do it right and gave me the courage to try again


  1. Lovely quilt, lovely story. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. I often look back at quilts I made and remember things that were happening in my life at the time I was working on them. Quilting IS therapeutic, isn't it? Thanks for sharing, your quilt is very pretty.

  3. I love log cabins too! You picked out a fresh color combination...feels like summer.
    The poem was very touching, it gave me chills.

  4. I'm truly speechless. Thank you for sharing...

  5. Thank you for sharing that heartfelt story. Sorry you had to go through that loss so many times.

    Love your quilt:)

  6. Wow. Wonderful poem. Thanks so much for sharing. Your quilt does remind me of sun and water. Thanks so much for joining in Summer Fair! AM


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