Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blokjoyelle, My Fairy Quilt Godmother

Here she is!

A few tips:
  1. To generate your own Fairy Quilt Godmother, visit Linda at Paper Panache.  The pattern is free for a limited time, so download yours today!
  2. Read the instructions.  And then read them again.  I thought I had paid attention, but then embarrassed myself by emailing the author about a "glitch" in the pattern.*  Turns out it was right there in black and white on the same sheet as the fabric chart.
  3. Lay out the fabrics and make sure they look good as a whole.  I had a fabric for the hair that I loved, but when I laid it out next to the background and dress fabrics, it was too much.  The fabric chart is worth the time.
  4. Refresh your memory about paper piecing if you haven't done it in awhile...or ever.  I forgot to leave my seam allowance on the outside of the first section and was NOT going to do it over, so I had to fudge that seam a little.  This is not a pattern that allows for a lot of fudging, but I can live with it.
  5. Take your time.  After the second try on section C (the eyes) and the second screw up, I realized that I was tired and cranky and not feeling my best.  I had to put it aside until another time.
  6. SHARE!  These are so fun to look at and see how different each one is.  Please share on Linda's blog, your own blog, flicker, or your favorite message board
Also, I know the system generated the name Blokjoyelle, but I'm already thinking of her as Great-Aunt Sarah.  I can't wait to have her finished and in my studio!

* You have to draw in a couple of lines on two sections.  It tells you how in the instructions on the page where the chart is.  When you think you are missing some lines, this is where they went. 

Thank you, Linda!

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