Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Going to Guild - Maxine Moore

Another great guild night with Maxine Moore from Intown Quilters.  Love love love her bright colors, fabulous borders, and BIG quilts!

Maxine brought her daughter to help carry and show all of her big bright beautiful quilts and tell the story of her creative journey.  I love when this happens.  The expressions and nods and smiles of the family member behind the one presenting tell a whole other side of the story! 

Maxine makes big quilts.  She says it's because she doesn't have wall space to hang little quilts, so she puts big quilts on her bed.  Someone asked how many she keeps on the bed at once, and she started hedging..."One or two...or sometimes three in the winter..." while behind her, her daughter held up four fingers and tried not to break out laughing with the audience. 
I have always loved this Blooming Nine Patch pattern, but have seen some that don't "work" for me due to the color choices.  I would like to make one, but fear that I won't get it right.  Maxine's may be my favorite one ever - and it's certainly big enough for any bed in the house!

Maxine makes some inspired color choices.  She was asked if she always pre-washes her vibrant fabrics.  She said that she didn't always, but if she didn't wash she tested a small strip by putting it in water in the microwave for a few minutes.  If it doesn't bleed into the water, it shouldn't bleed in the wash.  However, she often uses flannel on the back, and always washes that because of shrinkage.

The borders on Maxine's quilts are fascinating.  I love how this border takes a very simple quilt made out of two oriental prints and gives it a touch of elegance and another layer of complexity. 

Thanks, Maxine, for a great program full of wonderful stories, inspiration, and lots of quilty goodness!

PS...our guild just announced a new rule about Show and Tell - limit of 2-3 quilts per month. It doesn't affect me because I'm lucky if I finish that many a year!

How does your guild run Show and Tell to keep it moving along? Would that limit be a problem for you? Hurt your feelings? Annoy you? Let me know.

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