Friday, March 12, 2010

Going to Guild - Mary Ann Henderson

I totally forgot to tell you about going to guild last week!

Mary Ann Henderson from Red Hen Quilts did a program called "Thinking Out of the Box." She's a funny lady who makes beautiful quilts out of some crazy scraps!

She reminds me a little bit of a cross between Bonnie Hunter and Flavin Glover. Like Bonnie, no fabric is too outlandish, ugly, or themed to avoid being cut up for a quilt, as long as it serves her purpose; however, like Flavin, Mary Ann creates a "bigger picture" in many of her quilts. I'm not sure how you develop the eye to realize that this pumpkin fabric has the right pop of orange or these Elvis fabrics are just crying to be next to one another, but Mary Ann has it!

We had a great time fondling her fabulous quilts and listening to the stories of the artist's mind.

Thank you, Mary Ann, for that glimpse into your "process" and for making us laugh!

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