Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bulloch Hall Quilt Show 2010 - The Great Cover-Up! - The Review

Today the WannaBees had our annual field trip to the Bulloch Hall Quilt Show.   We were short a few members with Lynne sick and Lene AWOL, but the rest of us were able to gather.  We had to wrap up the day at Fickle Pickle, as usual, and sample the fried pickles and homemade potato chips. 

These two quilts are hanging together just as you walk in the door.  It took me a minute to realize that they are the same drawing!  Lisa T. tells the whole story.  What an incredible pairing!  It leaves you with quite the first impression.

This quilt, entitled "Beach Baby," made by Molly Eckes Samuels from a photo of her granddaughter, captured my heart.  It reminds me of this print by Carolyn Blish that hung in my grandparents' porch for as long as I can remember.  Gram used to say that it reminded her of me.  I couldn't quite walk away from this one for awhile.

In the Morning Room was the display of their guild challenge quilts.  The theme was "Don't Worry...Be Happy."  There were many bright, happy quilts, but I have to confess this is my favorite.  In the words of the artist, Patsy Eckman, "This quilt represents the only a Golden Retriever can."

There was a fun display of "first quilts," which is one of my favorite categories to view. I had to laugh at the first quilt of a woman I is the sampler quilt from a beginning quilting class I also took. Of course, my blocks and parts of blocks are still in a Ziploc bag...but I digress...

Another first quilt was by Cody Anne Moss, who is also a member of our guild and one of the funniest women you will ever meet. Her first quilt never quite got finished, but she shared it anyway. I love the commentary. In case you can't read it in the picture it says, "Red basting thread is always a brave choice." The rest of her description of this almost-finished quilt is a scream!

But by far, the highlight of any show is seeing the quilts by WannaBees.  I have never put a quilt in Bulloch Hall's show, or anywhere but my own guild's show; however, Ben did us proud (as always).

Here he is with "Madison Before the Boom":
And the piece de resistance...
..."Sunbonnet Sue Goes to the Museum."  Yes, that's a Sponsor's Choice Blue Ribbon from Atlanta Sewing Center on Ben's quilt!

Congratulations, Ben!   I am honored to sew with you, glad to call you friend, and still waiting for some of that creativity to rub off.

Ben's success in the various quilt shows left me thinking about sharing my own quilts.  Although my talent and artistry aren't even on the same scale, I loved each and every quilt in the Bulloch Hall show - from the "Dear Jane" to the dated fabrics and clunky stitches of those first quilts.  My challenge to you today is to find a quilt show and submit at least one quilt this year.  I'm going to do the same!

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