Thursday, August 7, 2008

Going to Guild

Monday was guild night, and one of the most fun ever! First of all, I have to share this recipe with you. It was my turn to bring a sweet snack, so I brought these Self Frosting Oatmeal Cookies that were just yummy!

Then we moved onto the fun stuff - hand dyeing fabric with Marquetta Johnson.

Not only is Marquetta extraordinarily gifted, she is a hoot! We laughed all night, especially when the Quilt Police in the guild (you know who you are) kept worrying about their folding techniques being exactly perfect. Marquetta would just say, "tuck it under until it's happy and it will be beautiful!" It was definitely an exercise in relinquishing control for a few of us.

Marquetta taught us some basic folding techniques to use with her water conservation/clean dyeing method. This is especially critical in the metro Atlanta area where drought is an ongoing problem. It's nice to know that the earth doesn't have to suffer for this art. Plus, as anyone who has every tie-dyed knows, rinsing is the worst part! Then we got to work with the dyes. Gracie had a great time - I purchased a separate kit for her so we didn't have to compromise on color choices. Now she has her very own stash of hand dyed fat quarters to fondle. I am creating a monster in my own image! It was a fun way to end our summer guild nights together. Once school starts she won't be able to be out so late on a Monday night.

Then comes the waiting - the pretty bundles had to sit in the sun to dry.

And voila! Here is a little slide show of our finished FQs.

I would highly recommend this program to any guild. Best of all, it is a clean technique that we did in our regular meeting space in less than 2 hours. And for those of you who aren't interested in dyeing fabric yourself, Marquetta brought some of her own gorgeous fabric that we could buy.

What was your guild's best program this year?

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