Monday, September 27, 2010

Quilt Shop Visit - Patrick's, Covington, GA

Remember last year when I was driving on a middle school field trip and found Sweet Home Quilt Shop?

I drove again for the same trip this year and decided to plan out my route a little better instead of just winging it. Sweet Home is closed on Mondays so I couldn't go back today, but I knew there was another shop called Patrick's not far off I-20 Sadly, they don't have a web presence that I can find, but they do participate in the Greater Atlanta Shop Hop every year, so you can grab the address and hours from that site if you're in the area. Or you can visit their Facebook page.*

Instead of having to spend two hours in the car with seven teenagers on my own, my mom decided to ride along with me so we could shop together.  Score!  A day with my momma!
The Blue Willow Inn, Social Circle, Georgia
 Once we got the kids dropped off, we decided that the first thing we needed was lunch.  We saw a sign for the Blue Willow Inn and made a beeline for the Social Circle exit.   It was just what the doctor ordered on a rainy day - fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fried green tomatoes, chicken and dumplings, and a table loaded with decadently delicious desserts!  It was a tough choice between the peanut butter pie, the peach cobbler, and the coconut cream pie...not to mention the brownies, the chocolate pie....and on and on!

Then we hit the road for Covington.  

Patrick's is a feed and seed general store, not just a quilt shop.  They sell everything from candy to boots, and bulbs to motor oil.

But there are quilts everywhere!  Even over the feed prices of the day.

I was pretty good and didn't spend too much.  I did buy a few yards of neutrals, which are noticeably absent from my stash.  I also got a fat quarter of red floral that I need for a group quilt.  Interestingly, I have lots of floral and plenty of red, but NO red floral.  Huh.

Hope you had some quilty goodness in your day today!

*updated 6/16/16 to add updated links!


  1. in answer to your comment -- the log cabin hearts quilt is from Evelyn Sloppy's "Log Cabin Fever". I did make it bigger than the book by adding the outer borders. The block is really sweet, but super tedious. I LOVE log cabins but I'm beginning to HATE making them as they seem to go on and on and on.....

  2. The whole day sounded so heavenly. I am so hungry now. One thing I love that I can't find in Savannah is fried okra! I was shocked. I will have to plan a quilt shop route if we go to Atlanta to visit family. I am glad you had a good time.
    Thank You for sharing!

  3. What a cool store and a fun trip with your mom. My mom is a quilter and while I can sew, I haven't tried quilting yet. She got me reading Patchwork Times which is a truly fun blog. I am in awe and amazement at what all you quilters do with scraps of fabric!!!


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