Saturday, June 20, 2009

In the Garden

Up until about this week we were having a very mild spring with plenty of rain - unusual in our drought plagued area - so we have been truly enjoying our time in the garden. I planted a blueberry bush for the first time after wanting one for years. It is growing nicely and gave up the expected first year crop of about six blueberries. Sadly, the birds got to them before I harvested. I was warned but underestimated how disappointed I would be the day I went out to check if they were ripe, only to find an empty bush. Next year I'm buying a net.

I have moved on to my tomatoes and herbs. A few years ago I gave Topsy Turvy Tomato Planters to the moms and Cousin Judy for Mother's Day. As I mentioned in a previous post, Judy had great success and a bumper crop; the moms not so much. My dear MIL passed her planter along to me with best wishes. I planted an heirloom variety and it is growing like crazy! So far no blooms, but Walter Reeves mentioned today on his show that I should stop fertilizing until it blooms. We'll try that and see. I also moved my herbs to the front garden for two reasons: one, Daisy likes to eat fragrant plants, and two, it will get more sun. They are all thriving, to my joy. I'm hoping to have a lovely tomato and basil salad from my garden very soon.

As you can see in the top photo, my Rose of Sharon is covered in gorgeous white blooms the size of saucers. I only wish we had planted it in a more visible spot since it is so pretty.

And, even though the drought is officially over, I'm still keeping my water conservation habits. Today I was so excited to score a 55 gallon rain barrel and compost bin at City Hall for a bargain price. I had been unable to compost food scraps before now thanks to a certain puppy dog who can't keep her nose clean. This one is excellent, with a locking lid and long screws that go down into the dirt to keep Daisy and other critters out.

The kids have jumped on board, especially Gracie, who has claimed it as her job to empty the kitchen bucket into the bin every day. My better half is concerned about bugs and rodents, so lets hope he's wrong. I would hate to have invited them in! Supposedly adding dog hair to the pile will repel deer or raccoons. Hmmm...wherever would we get some of that? ;o)

I hope you get to do something relaxing this weekend!

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