Tuesday, June 23, 2009

better tUesdays - week 4 - Wii Mock U

It has been a hit and miss week here at better U. I FAILED miserably at my new goal of walking with Daisy. It has been miserably hot and Gracie has been sleeping in; not a good combination for tempting me outside the house. I only managed about 90+ minutes on the WiiFit as well, planning all along to squeeze at least one long walk in over the weekend. It never happened.

(We do, however, have new front porch lights that my DH installed all by himself. On Father's Day. What a guy! And a freshly cleaned out garage. Do I know how to celebrate or what?)

For the good news, we have gone a second full week with no fast food, and I am now 4+ weeks with no diet Coke. Although it is not one of my goals, twice I have been offered ice cream for dessert and been too full to eat it - and didn't cram it down my throat anyway! Hurrah!

Of course the one week I really fell off the wagon, I lost 1.1 lbs and my WiiFit age is down to 22 (I ROCKED the COB test!). Go figure.

I think that thing should be called Wii Mock U, because every time I get on the balance board it says, "Oh!" as if it has been shocked by the burden of my massive weight. Also, when I weigh in, it gleefully says, "That's obese!" Out loud.

Is that really necessary? My 12 year old son has better manners.

I did finally collect last week's reward. Gracie and I went to get a pedicure with the girls yesterday. We decided to get confetti toes in honor of our rapidly approaching birthdays. Okay, my rapidly approaching birthday. She, at almost nine, does not share my disdain for the celebration.

Looking forward to next week, I am going to keep the same goals and try to actually achieve them:
  • Goal 1: I will increase my activity to 210 minutes, including AT LEAST a 10 minute walk with Daisy every day.
  • Goal 2: I am going to try to extend the "fast food fast" for one more week.
My reward is going to be to buy a hand-dyed back for Gracie's Orange Crush quilt instead of piecing it from my stash.

My major obstacle to this goal is that it is hot, and it is sooo much easier to hop on the Wii Balance Board than to put on running shoes and leave the house.

What I can do to overcome this obstacle? I am going to try getting up with my DH when the alarm goes off and get my walk in before the heat gets out of control. The dog will be happier and then I won't feel as guilty if I have a busy day and don't get to the Wii that day.

Have a healthy day!


  1. I wish I had a solution for you.

    That's one of the reasons we bought a treadmill.

  2. Good for you! I don't miss living in that heat & humidity. But hey, let's see a picture of those fancy toes!

  3. Jenny,

    Do you mind if I add you to my blogroll on my BetterU blog? I thought I had everyone in in the Posse, but I missed yours. And beautiful quilts, by the way!



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