Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Better tUesdays -Week 2

I have survived Week 1. I am going to say that I have accomplished my goal, because even though I only did the WiiFit 4 times, I did accumulate well over 150 minutes. My WiiFit age has gone down from 42 (older than I am) to 32 (I wish!). I only lost 0.2 lbs, but I am not going to get overfocused on the scale.

I didn't take my reward, because I hadn't completed the goal until yesterday morning; also, I have not had any time to go to the bathroom without being interrupted by one of my offspring demanding socks/lunch/a ride to some sort of sports practice, much less time to fill the tub and actually get in it.

Still no diet Coke. I am about to float away. On a positive note, my oldest has learned how to make the iced tea himself.

I am going to chalk this one up as a success, minor as it might be. Onward!

  • Goal 1: I will increase my activity to 180 minutes. In theory this is 30 minutes 6 times per week, but I am going to cut myself some slack if I do 5 days and it still adds up to the right number.
  • Goal 2: I am going to stop eating fast food. This is huge, but one of my biggest weaknesses. For the purpose of this goal, I am going to define fast food as a restaurant that has a drive-through lane. Yes, the Chick-Fil-A in the mall counts, because most of them do. No, Bruster's does not count, because that is TOO MUCH for one week.

Since that is a BIG thing and a hard thing, I'm going to give myself a nice reward to stay motivated. I need a new pedicure, and I don't feel like doing it myself. If I go the whole week with no fast food, then I will have easily saved enough to treat myself to some pampering. I really want to do this. I would love, in a year's time, to be one of those women who casually says, "Oh, nothing for me, thanks. I don't eat fast food."

My major obstacle to this goal is that I am busy, busy, busy even though it is summer, and it is easy to run through someplace on the way home from lacrosse or football or piano lessons. Also, I am not good about planning a whole week's meals and going to the grocery store and having sufficient stuff in the house so that I don't just say, "Screw it," and head for Wendy's. I'm being honest here. You don't get to be this size by eating some extra M&Ms.

What I can do to overcome this obstacle? I am going to make a meal plan for the week, including breakfast and lunch. (Those kids! You feed them, and then a few hours later they want to eat again!) My favorite thing about summer is all the good stuff to throw on the grill, so that will feature heavily into my plan. Also making slaw and deviled eggs that can be pulled out for the boys when they come home late from practice, or for a quick lunch.

Who's with me? I really could use some moral support here! Going to add "Supersize Me" to the Netflix queue for inspiration.

Have a healthy day!

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