Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Better tUesdays -Week 1

June 1 has arrived!

decided to switch her posts to Mondays, but we know my track record for Monday self-improvement posts, so I'm sticking with tUesday. Turning over a new leaf and all that stuff.

When you sign in to the program - which you can do right from that little button on my sidebar - how helpful am I? - you will be prompted to set some goals and decide on a reward.

Goal 1: I will wake up my Mii and use the WiiFit for at least 30 minutes 5 times per week. And not just for the fun stuff. I will actually do some of the yoga and cardio.

My little baby reward for this tiny baby step will be to come home after the lacrosse tournament on Sunday and close the door and pretend I am single; i.e., I will turn up my Mamma Mia! soundtrack and light candles and sit in the tub and read a trashy, mindless, purely-for-fun book. Janet Evanovich sounds about right.

My major obstacle to this goal is that I am LAZY as hell and I don't feel like it. How's that for laying it all out there?

What I can do to overcome this goal? Hmmm....I am hoping that by telling all of you that shame will factor into the equation at some point. Also, I am considering (not sure yet, so don't hold me to it) making a deal like my mom once did; she and a friend had a competition going, and if either of them gained weight they had to confess their ORIGINAL weight. I think that would be strong motivation. Although I'd probably die first. Or lie.

That's all I've got so far. Oh, and I'm an idiot. I made such a huge big deal about the 6 weeks and how it was fate that it ended at my birthday and blah, blah, blah.

Duh. The program is 12 weeks. I can't even read. I'm so desperate for a "sign" that I made one up in my own head. I guess THAT would be a sign that I need to get off the computer and take the dog for a walk, right?

Have a healthy day!


  1. Go Jen, it's your birthday (well soon)! Are you going to be Fab at 40?!

  2. My Mii is awake, and I hope yours is too!

    Also lazy, Linda


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