Wednesday, March 15, 2017

WiP Wednesday - All the Pinwheels!

It's WiP Wednesday, and there's a lot going on this week in my studio. First, I finished my March block for the Twilters bee. Janet requested Cheerio blocks based on this tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I love it! Even though applique is not my strength, I managed to get this circle cut out and fused before using a decorative stitch to sew it down. (Hint: I used my smallest rotary cutter around the edge of a glass pie plate.)

Then I declared Sunday a Sew Day and finished all of the pinwheel blocks for The Pit Boss's Turning Fifty Quilt. I love the colors!

Unfortunately, I pushed myself a little too far and managed to cut not one but TWO of the blocks wrong. It was time to put down the rotary cutter and find something to work on with less challenging math.

The spider web quilt top has been haunting me, so I started piecing the back. I had this gorgeous stripe that had the perfect green and was the exact right length but not quite wide enough. Those piano key borders that I made and then rejected were just what I needed.

I broke out the big roll of batting for the first time!

...and basted the quilt. Now I'm slowly but surely stitching in the ditch and contemplating the rest of the quilt design. I'm sure I could find a few ideas in this book. (more on this coming soon!)

I love checking stuff off my list!

What are you working on?

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