Wednesday, January 11, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Dreams Dreams Dreams

Moving into my new studio led to the discovery of many UFOs, WIPs and PIGS. My goal for 2017 is to finish some stuff.

Having a design wall is amazingly helpful for seeing what I'm working on and what the next step is. Even if I only have a few minutes to sew, it's easy to pick a pair of blocks off the wall and stitch them together.

I was also lucky enough to score a free whiteboard that someone was giving away on my neighborhood message board. I've always wanted one, and now can make lists to my heart's content. I'm trying to figure out the best way to organize it, but I love crossing stuff out! (I have no earthly idea what YTF stands for. Any guesses?)

I've taken Jaye's fabulous advice to have some mindless sewing at the ready for those days when I'm just too far gone for math. Or pins. Or anything requiring accuracy. For a while it was some nine patches out of three charm packs of Sweet Hearts by Benartex. Now I've cut them up and reassembled them for a Disappearing Nine Patch.

Side note: I really need to get this quilt done so it will stop haunting me. I had a dream last week that I was frantically trying to finish it so that my son could take it to a friend's baby. Fun fact: this couple is not expecting and has never even mentioned having children in my presence. What is wrong with me? 

While I do that, I've pulled out my scrap bins and am working on the strata for Stripper's Knot, one of The Stitch TV Show's patterns.

I hope to clear my mind and my sewing room this year! What are you working on?

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