Wednesday, April 6, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Remembering How to Sew

Today's WIP Wednesday is fabulously full of fail.

It's like I forgot how to sew.

Last night The Pit Boss had to work late, so I decided to get back to my machine. I'll start with something simple, I thought, just to get back in the groove. Maybe I'll make a block for an upcoming swap, I thought.

So I chose pretty fabrics and pressed and cut out all the pieces. I marked my diagonal lines and started sewing.

At some point I realized that I didn't need a 8 7/8" half square triangle block. so I took them apart. (Yes, I made two before I figured this out. It's so much more efficient when you can make your mistakes assembly line style!) And we know how awesome it is when you have to rip out stitches on a biased edge!

Then I started stitching the pieced half of the blocks. This isn't it either. ~sigh~

Finally I finished both blocks, and they are the right size and the diagonal lines are at 45 degrees! I had a little moment of panic when I couldn't remember if I had reversed the color placement, but a quick check of the pattern shows that this is right after all.

It feels good to be sewing again, but also a little scary at how out of practice I am. I'll just have to spend lots of time getting my groove back in the weeks to come!

What are you working on?


  1. It happens to us all. Go slow and chalk the mistakes up to experience. There is always more fabric, right? If you don't have enough let me know. ;-)

  2. Glad your back - it's like riding a bike, it will all come back to you!!


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