Sunday, April 3, 2016

Blank Slate

We have been on a home improvement kick the last few months, so not much going on in my sewing room, but that is about to change! Now that both boys are off to college, Gracie convinced us to play musical bedrooms. She moved into Deuce's room - which has been largely undisturbed in over two years as he prefers the queen sized bed in the guest room when he does come home - and took over the much larger Jack and Jill bathroom that the boys used to share. My Middle Child (MMC) will move to Gracie's old room so the two of them aren't sharing a bathroom when he is home this summer, and his old room will become...wait for new sewing studio!!

We have painted and changed out the twenty year old tub hardware and light fixtures and builder's grade ceiling fans. We have cleaned carpets and given away childhood furniture and emptied closets. The people at Lowe's know us by name.

Finally I have an empty room and, of course, I'm frozen; unsure of where to start. One decision I'm putting off  need to make is what I'd like to use for a sewing table. My current space and money saving setup is okay, but not ideal. Unfortunately there aren't any big shows coming up close to me soon where I might get to see some in person (or take advantage of show discounts).

If you have any thoughts, I would love to hear them. I hope to share pictures along the way and start sewing soon in my new dream space!


  1. How wonderful. Before you buy "furniture",I would put the old stuff in there, and keep rearranging it until you get the best use of the light and find the most convenient layout for you. That way, you have a better idea of the measurement of the pieces that you want to buy. Happy shopping!

    1. Thanks for that excellent advice! I'm slowly moving in the things I know I want to include in my space.

  2. Glad to see you'll be back sewing soon. Enjoy setting up your new space and I agree with Evelyn. Get in and settled (temporarily) and work from there.


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