Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sew Main Street

Tea Leaves and Thyme in Woodstock, GA
Last week Mom and I took a little field trip to a new quilt shop just little bit of a hike from home. The Bear helped out by needing a ride to a friend's house who lives in that direction, which we took as an excuse to go and have lunch, too.

On Main Street in Woodstock is a tea room called Tea Leaves and Thyme that is not only charming but also has fantastic food. 

 Seriously?  The salad trio is to die for.  Try the lavender lemonade if it's too hot for tea.

Finally we made our way just a few blocks down to the new quilt shop, Sew Main Street.

Debi has been the owner of the knitting shop next door (see pics below) since 2005, and decided to open a fabric store.  The shop is gorgeous, with lots of sewing samples and thoroughly modern fabrics. 

There's a whole room of holiday fabrics which, of course, was my downfall.  The whole shop is so light and roomy - not a cramped aisle of Civil War repros in sight. 

In fact, the only spot that felt crowded was the classroom where the UPS man was bringing in boxes of new fabric!

It was only polite to walk next door to their sister shop, The Whole Nine Yarns.   While I have never actually completed a knitting project, I like the idea of it.  Mom can knit and crochet beautifully.

We didn't do any damage here, but the shop was inviting and interesting.  They had a cozy seating area where two women sat knitting and chatting together, and a kitchen where someone was hand dyeing yarn.  You could grab a cup of coffee and check out this month's book club book, or get advice on a project.  It really makes me wish I knit!

If you find yourself in or near Woodstock, be sure to visit all three places.  They make for a perfect afternoon!

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  1. Those are some pretty shops! I'm going to do some shop-hopping myself this weekend, looking for inspiration and pumpkin fabric.

    Oh, take up knitting! More textile fun! More shops to go to! And better for watching TV than quilting.



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