Saturday, August 4, 2012

Quickie Quilt Show

While we were on our Florida beach trip/college tour I somehow managed to get to two quilt shops and a show. Pretty impressive for eight jam packed days with three kids and a very full car!

The view across the gallery
I already shared the great visit to Quilting by the Bay in Panama City.  That was easy - I just left everyone crashed at the condo and snuck out for an hour.  The second quilt shop wasn't too hard; there was a vinyl record store just a few shops down to distract the guys.  I'll show you pictures of that tomorrow.

But the show!  How do you squeeze in a quilt show on a family vacation?

You know how I love a Blooming 9 Patch
In my search for quilt shops in Tallahassee, I was disappointed to find that they all appeared to be closed down.  Despite that, there seems to be a fairly active guild that just happened to have their annual City Hall show going on (you can still catch it!).  Even better?  It's free!

I convinced the family to drop me off at the door and come back in 15 minutes.  I know...not long enough...but there were no vendors and it was 40 quilts.  I actually got to look at them all and take some pictures before rushing back down the stairs.   

"The Last Leaf" by Linda Dozier
 This quilt is absolutely gorgeous!  Linda says this technique was from a Ruth McDowell class.

"Floor Show" by Linda O'Sullivan
I am always transfixed by quilts that incorporate medallions and other circular piecing.  This quilt has so much going on without being too busy.

I kept my promise and was out in 15 minutes, but just a little more refreshed and ready to face the next leg of our journey. 

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