Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sew Bee It: Ringgold, GA Tornado

Watching the devastation from last week's storms has brought a barrage of emotion.  I'm so grateful that, although we stayed up all night and watched, the clouds somehow opened over and around most of Atlanta.  We didn't even get rain here.  My heart is broken for those who have lost family members and friends to the unpredictable violence.  I feel the knot in my stomach just thinking about those parents watching the storm hit Tuscaloosa, wondering if college kids have enough sense and good old fashioned fear to get out of the way, not knowing what kinds of emergency preparations have been made, and are there even basements in dorms? 

Sew Bee It, a lovely shop in Ringgold, GA, was utterly destroyed by the tornadoes.  This is the shop we always managed to stop by on our way to Chattanooga, and my children have fond memories of picking out fat quarters of fabric that I'd never get around to using (Coca Cola, motorcycles, ballerinas); a kind of fabric scrap book of our visit. 

The photos on their Flickr stream tell the sad tale.  Luckily they are safe and the employees homes untouched.  Word on the street (okay, at guild) is that they intend to rebuild.  Let's hear it for resilience!

Looking for a way to offer assistance to the victims?  Click here.

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  1. You can make gift bags out of the fabric your children chose and then use them for birthdays. Nice reminder and very useful. Let me know if you want directions. I am happy to share.


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