Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Grand Plan Week 14 - Holiday Decor Week

It's Week 14!  Did you think I fell off the earth?  Almost.  Between Gracie having some oral surgery, my oldest being Confirmed, a cluster of sinus and upper respiratory infections, and lots of sub jobs (not to mention Thanksgiving!) I have hardly been at the computer for a month.

But it's back to the plan, and we have some catching up to do.  In theory, by now the house is pretty clean.  I can say that mine is not perfect, but definitely in good shape.  We had everyone back to the house after Confirmation, so I had to get the main floor and basement "company ready."

This week we need to get out the holiday decorations, plus clean and organize that storage space while we're at it.  Do you have decorations you haven't pulled out in years?  Donate them!  Are there lights that don't work but keep getting shoved to the bottom of the box?  Pitch 'em!

Do you have a real or artificial tree?  If it's real, do you know when you're going to get it?  From whom? 

Are you planning a party?  Luckily we just go to other people's parties, so I don't even have this on my list.  But I do have to figure out what we're going to wear!

What about Christmas dinner?  I'm still searching for the perfect menu, trying to decide between a traditional turkey or a crown roast of pork.  Or a standing rib roast.  Decisions decisions!

Are the gifts bought and wrapped?  Try to take care of anything that has to be mailed by this week.  Again, we're lucky that I only have one box to mail.  I have that about halfway taken care of, with just a few more items to box up.

I have a lot of posts just waiting for you.  I hope to get them up quickly and earn your forgiveness for being silent over the last month.  I guess Blogtoberfest really did me in!

Enjoy decking your halls and fa-la-la-ing this week.  I've missed you!

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