Monday, January 4, 2010

First UFO of 2010...One More Memory Quilt

It's DONE! Done done. All the way done. With a label.

The quilt I started last year as a 40th birthday gift for my cousin's wife, the one I had to give as just a top and then take back, the one I promised to finish by Thanksgiving and then Christmas, is finally done. It's my first finished UFO of the year, and gives me some breathing room from being Queen of the Stashbusters list.
This was a super simple pattern. I just printed photos and salutations on 4 1/2" squares of those fabric sheets. Then I cut pairs of scrappy 3 1/4" squares, halved them diagonally, and sewed them on. You can use this excellent tutorial for a Square in a Square block, or just guess based on a foggy memory of Geometry and see how many tries it takes before you get it right. (Guess which one I did!) I used the leftovers for a scrappy border, quilted around the squares, and bound it with the infamous bias binding experiment. The hardest part of the whole thing was getting the messages from some of the most important people.

But now it's done. What a tremendous relief. I will be bringing it to guild tonight to collect my bead and then deliver it to its owner. Yippeeee!

Hope today finds you crossing things off your list.


  1. You brave woman--collecting all those sayings. I opted out of that when Mom turned 80 and did a scrapbook that everyone worked on when they came to the party. That worked, but oh, I do love your quilt.

  2. Lovely, your friend is a very fortunate person~


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