Thursday, January 14, 2010


I finally got an ATC finished and in the mail for Kate's challenge. In the process, Gracie decided that she wanted to make one too. Kate was very gracious about how abysmally late they were, and happy to have a new convert to the art.

Here's mine:

Here's Gracies:

And speaking of challenges, I presented our annual guild challenge last Monday night. It was completely and totally inspired by this post from Allison at Within a Quarter Inch. After reading it, I realized that:
  1. I've been dying to make a house quilt. I tried to get the WannaBees to do a group one, but got outvoted.
  2. I've been saying I was going to make a quilt for Quilts of Valor for awhile, but it kept getting bumped to the bottom of the list.
  3. I needed a challenge for the guild that was inspiring without being so specific or out there that no one participated.
Problem solved! (Thank you, Allie!)

Our 2010 CES Challenge is:
  1. Size: any. If donating to Quilts of Valor, please see their website for their guidelines.
  2. Design: must include a home on the front of the quilt. This doesn't have to be a traditional house; it might be an igloo or a bird's nest. Anything you can defend as a "home."
  3. Color: must have a recognizable amount of the color on your paint swatch, chosen at random.
  4. Due: November 1, 2010.
I hope many, if not all, of these will end up being donated to Quilts of Valor. The challenge was well received, so I hope to have wide participation. Feel free to quilt along with us, and send me your pictures so I can share them.

What is your favorite way to give back to the community? What is your favorite charity to quilt for, and why?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Jenny - I am so happy that your guild accepted this challenge and that quilts of valor will benefit from it. I am especially happy that they won't all be 'patriotic USA is the only way' type of quilts because as mentioned in the letter on my blog - it is the quilts that remind them of 'home' that matter so much. Let's try not to confuse 'home' with 'country' as much as tend too....

    Thanks again,

  2. I like Wrap Them In Love. They give quilts to kids in orphanages around the world. I also like the fact that they take quilt tops since that is the part I like doing best. I also give UFOs and random blocks to workers at a local jail. Inmates put together quilts for kids going into foster care.

  3. Well Done I think there great. Keep up the good work


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