Tuesday, December 8, 2009

better tUesday and going to guild

Well, the holidays continue to derail my eating habits. I did marginally better this week, down 0.4 lbs, but that was with 3 workouts with the trainer, 5 days on the bike and a 75 minute yoga session! I feel like I should have lost more for how sore I am, but I confess to being less than perfect with my diet.

Saturday night we were at a friend's party with fabulous food. Then last night was the guild holiday party. After all of us ate (and overate) there was still enough left over to feed an army.

We had a great time and I did very well at the auction. I was pretty short with less than $200 in play money to spend (compared to these little elves who had nearly $1K between them!)
but I still found won the bidding on some fun stuff.

I am especially excited about two books I won, both donated by Fiber on a Whim, that have interesting and inspiring suggestions and project ideas for photos and other mementos.

The first is Sew Sentimental, by Linda Lum DeBono. This book is a collection of scrapbooking style projects that incorporate some very basic sewing. What I love most is how the author has commemorated some of the most simple and easily forgotten memories of childhood, but some of the most precious, like playing in puddles and the "me do it" stage of toddlerhood. They remind me that every day is a celebration, not just the "big" days.

My true favorite, though, is Art from the Heart by Catherine Matthews-Scanlon. This book about mixed media collage is just stunning I love the antique photographs and upcycling of clocks, lockets, frames and watches.
I am dying to try some of the projects, and only regret that Christmas is coming so quickly - they would make wonderful gifts! I'm trying to restrain myself from diving right into these before I get everything else done for the holidays.

Hard to believe that 2010 is right around the corner! The clock is ticking for me to come up with a guild challenge. Don't be shy about sending me your ideas and opinions. Seriously. Not everyone at once now...

Waiting patiently...

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