Monday, July 27, 2009

Better tUesdays - Week 9 - If You're Not the Lead Dog, the View Never Changes

This has been my view a LOT this past week. A friend and I have been walking our dogs together while Gracie and my friend's son ride their scooters. It has made for a lot less whining about "how much further?" from Grace and some adult conversation for me. Plus the puppies love each other!
This was after they were all good and tired out. Finally! So cute to watch them play together.

As for my better tUesdays, I guess the Wii was not totally off her battery crazed rocker last week. I am down 2.9 from the 3.5 lbs I was up, but not the complete recovery of her senses I was hoping for. I'm not sure where that extra weight has come from, but I'm going with muscle. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Then I measured my waist to see if there was any improvement in that area. It feels like there is in the way my clothes fit. The only problem is that I didn't write it down because I didn't want anyone to stumble across this top secret information. I assumed I would remember. And you know what happens when we assume! I have no idea if I'm losing inches, but I do have a cute pair of pants that is more comfortable than it used to be. We'll call that progress and move on!

I'm keeping my same goals for this week. I feel like they are good ones even if the scale isn't always reflecting that. Since I haven't gotten my gal-pals together yet, I'll keep that same reward. It's becoming less and less about the prize now and more about building the habit.

One other interesting thing that happened is that Gracie put on a sundress to wear to my mom's birthday. She was surprised to find that it was much looser in the waist than it used to be - she could grab almost an inch of fabric! I told her that all this exercise is helping her body grow stronger and healthier. It's a real challenge to be on this journey without my girl picking up all my body image issues, so I'm choosing my words carefully. So far she seems to be doing well, focusing on how much faster she'll be able to run when lacrosse starts.

How is your BetterU journey going? We're 2/3 of the way done now, but you can jump in anytime!

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  1. Good going Jenny. I like the dog walking view picture, I'll have to try and take one. You are doing great with your daughter, just by being a good example, but you're right to watch out what you say. That kind of thing really sticks with a daughter (I could write a book.


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