Sunday, October 20, 2013

Holiday Grand Plan - Week 8 -

Holiday Grand Plan

It's Week 8 of the Holiday Grand Plan. How's it going there?  I'm a little behind on the kids' rooms.  Grace had allergy testing done on Wednesday, and now doctor's orders are for ME to dust and vacuum her room every week!  Just when I had her doing it well herself.  Now her room is looking good, but I still haven't gotten Deuce's room ready for him to come home in two weeks. 

By the way, she's also allergic to these guys, so they are banned from her room, she's not allowed to brush them, and I need to vacuum more frequently.

Um, Doc? I didn't make this appointment to reduce her chores and add to mine! 

This week's focus is on the kitchen.  While I did a lot of this last year when we did the remodel, the drawers and cabinets really need a good vacuuming out and wipe down.

I'm going to make a double batch of Chicken Rollatini with Prosciutto for my freezer meal, plus a Sour Cream Coffee Cake to have on hand for when Deuce comes home next week.

I guess it's time to start asking for advice for gifts since I'm stumped on a few of my favorite people. 

What's working for you? What is challenging you? 

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  1. I got the first floor windows cleaned and curtains washed! Excited about that. Hoping to do more deep cleaning of kitchen and dining rm before Thanksgiving. Thanks for the inspiration. Sorry to hear of your daughter's allergies.


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