Sunday, October 13, 2013

Holiday Grand Plan - Week 7

Holiday Grand Plan

We are on Week 7 of the Holiday Grand Plan, and it's time to get the guest room ready for company.

It's also time to get out the Halloween/fall decorations if you haven't already.  Do you have costumes to plan?  Might want to think about that too.

I'm taking advantage of the fact that this week is as empty as last week was full - which is to say that there is nothing in the evening this week except lacrosse practice.  Wahoo!  Since I will start working two weeks from tomorrow, I'm trying to get even more freezer cooking done than normal.  If December is crazy busy in a "normal" year, I assume it will be even more hectic when I am trying to get used to my new schedule.

This week I'll make two freezer meals; No Bean Chili and Chicken Parmesan.

My treats to freeze this week aren't for Christmas, but for the "Outlaw Thanksgiving"/70th birthday party for my MiL.  I'm baking several of the desserts ahead so we can focus on the birthday cake that week.

I'll make a pan of Nutella Blondies, some sugar cookies to decorate, and maybe a batch of Peanut Butter Cup Cookies.

No progress on the gift list this week.  I'm stuck.  Our parents are possibly the hardest people on the planet to shop for!  Any brilliant grandparent ideas out there?

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