Monday, September 9, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - Starting to Feel Like Fall

It's Menu Plan Monday and it's starting to feel like fall. When I take the dogs out in the mornings or before bed, there's a whiff of cool breeze and the slightest hint of rustling leaves.  Menus now have to factor in cross country meets (pasta on Wednesday, crock pot on Thursday) and football games.  Failing to break 90 degrees each afternoon is practically an excuse to dig out the boots in these parts, and a forecast without rain - rare this summer - is all the reason we need to grill, baby, grill. 

When I'm planning my weekly menu, I look at the calendar first to see what days are jam packed, screaming for a crock pot meal or leftovers.  The second place I look is at for the week's forecast.  I'm rotating back in a few recipes that feel too heavy for summer, and starting to think about soups and stews for rainy days.  Does your menu change with the weather, too?  What are your fall favorites?

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What's on your menu?

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