Sunday, March 17, 2013

March Along Week 2 - Happy #NQDSI Weekend!

It's time to report in for Week 2!

This week has been the usual spring insanity with sports and standardized testing; throw in jury duty and graduation announcements and I'm almost around the bend.  BUT I can do anything for 15 minutes!

On Sunday I practiced my free motion quilting.  I tried zippling and letters.

On Monday I went to the quilt show with the WannaBees.

On Tuesday I frantically rummaged through cleaned a section of my sewing room while looking for the English paper piecing templates Lynn gave me.  I wanted to take them to jury duty on Wednesday so I could do handwork, but I never found them.  Do you remember where I put them?

On Wednesday I had jury duty so no Prayer Quilt Ministry, but I managed to listen to Katie's Interview with a A Modern Quilter on the way to and from the courthouse. 

On Thursday I watched a bunch of Leah Day videos trying to figure out the solution for my Christmas table topper dilemma.

On Friday I finished my FMQ practice postcard.

Yesterday I played along with #NQDSI and listened to Frances' latest podcast, although I never actually got to turn on my sewing machine.  Looks like this week is more of the same.

What are you up to?

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  1. Hello Jenny, like your blog very much. Have you considered having a podcast yourself ? You appear to have many interesting projects on the go all the time and people would love sharing. Cheers Célia


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