Monday, March 18, 2013

Creative Prompt - West

Here's where it becomes painfully obvious that I cannot draw and have no ability for perspective. However, this is what comes to mind when I think of the word "West."

The first time I went west of the Mississippi River, I determined that I could never live out there.  While the others in our group were admiring the foreign foliage and lack of humidity, I was overwhelmed by an almost depressed or despondent feeling.  I could only imagine a family moving west, dreaming of a better life, a wife in the back of the wagon with who knows how many babies to comfort, praying that "it" would be just over the next hill. 

And then coming over that hill to see the vast desert ahead of them.  No water, no shade, no verdant hunting ground.  Just sand and heat and more mountains to climb. 

It seriously makes my heart race just thinking of those poor women and how many of them probably died along the way. 

When I was coloring this I deliberately used all the neutral/gray/black/brown I could except for the sun to try to capture that feeling.  I don't know how well it translates, but I can see it as clear as day in my head.

Sorry for the depressing post!  I promise to post something happy tomorrow!

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