Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Going to Guild - Terry Powers

This month's program was by Terry Powers, a local longarm quilter.  She shared her quilt journey with more quilts than can fairly be called a trunk show.  More like a mini-van show!

It was very sweet to see the first "quilt" she made for her bed when she was a newlywed.  It had no batting and a sheet for a back, was tied and well loved.   And then the quilts just kept coming and coming!

She took us through her Georgia Bonesteel hand quilting stage, which was quite impressive, and then through her Bonnie Hunter phase.  Like Bonnie, Terry doesn't make small quilts!  It was interesting to see some of the same designs that Bonnie showed us last month in different colorways or with a change of border.

Love this Blue Ridge Beauty

I still like my Orange Crush best!

Terry's most recent work uses a lot of Buggy Barn Quilts patterns.  These whimsical, scrappy designs are "crazy" and so cute!

After the program, we had an impressive parade of Show and Tell.  The luck of the WannaBees was running high as one of us won each of the three Brown Bag prizes.  Lynn had a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies left, which I stuffed in my bag.  Here's my text to The Pit Boss.

I love that man!

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