Monday, September 7, 2009

tUesdays just keep getting better!

Week three update with Jillian and MYM.

They say doing something for 21 days makes it a habit, and I can see it happening with this food plan. I don't even think anymore about what in the world I'm going to eat for breakfast, snacks, or lunch. Dinner is still the only meal where I have to do much planning, mostly due to the ever-changing schedules for sports and carpooling.

My biggest challenge this week was that it was my turn to work concessions at the varsity football game. I was surrounded by all kinds of yummy greasy junk food, candy, popcorn, soft pretzels, Cokes, and chocolate for hours. I brought my water bottle and had a salad, and never ate another thing. I am still amazed that it is not more tempting.

My biggest smile for the week was that someone who doesn't know I'm trying noticed I have lost weight. That feels awesome!

AND...I have lost 4 more pounds (13 lbs in 3 weeks)!

This week will be tricky with the walking. I went alone yesterday, and will probably have fly solo all week since my buddy's son is sick with the flu. Hopefully he will recover quickly and won't share it - it sounds pretty terrible! We have another friend who walks with us sometimes, so hopefully I can get together with her since it is much easier to get motivated with someone else.

I hope you have a better tUesday too!

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