Wednesday, September 16, 2009

not my best tUesday...

On to week four with Jillian and MYM, and it wasn't my best week.

Although I only missed one day of walking in the craziness, and I didn't eat anything I shouldn't have, there was something amiss. I gained 1.5 lbs. My DH lost 1 lb.

Looking back, I think there were multiple factors:
  • I got a little cocky about meals, portion sizes and timing. Instead of eating off Jillian's menu, I started thinking "this looks about right." And instead of eating every four hours by the clock, there were at least two days where I completely missed a meal. Several days I varied my eating wildly due to the unusual schedule.
  • It wasn't as hot, so I wasn't drinking nearly as much water as usual.
  • Cyclical weight gain - although the timing doesn't seem right, four weeks ago is when I gained 2.6 lbs after a great week. 5 weeks before that I was up 3.5 lbs. These are the only times I have gained, and all three times I thought I was gearing up for a great weigh in. I'm not sure this is the culprit, but it's an interesting pattern to watch. At least the numbers are getting smaller!
I am going back to the basic menu, and writing down my water consumption. Obviously I can't help if my body goes nuts, but I can try to compensate with diet and exercise.

My biggest challenge this week was working the concession stand at our school's family picnic. I was selling (our) pizza for over three hours, and it smelled delicious. But I never had a bite! It looked great, but I had no NEED for it.

The fun thing that happened this week was that I fit into a pair of shorts that I haven't worn in four years!

My friend with the flu is gradually getting better. She has been walking part way with me the last two days and trying to rebuild her stamina. She lost almost 10 lbs in a week with H1N1 and a week in bed, but I think I'll pass on that method! Hopefully this week will be back in the routine and back to negative numbers!

I hope you have a better tUesday!

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